My best friend got married over Labor Day weekend and the six groomsmen, including myself, had been fitted a few weeks prior to the big day. With the wedding on Sunday evening, we all went to Mr. Formal together on Friday afternoon to pick up our suits. Out of the six groomsmen, only one had a properly fitting suit from head to toe. The other five, including myself, required at least one if not several changes to our outfits. That said, we received excellent customer service from Robert, the man running the Tualatin store. He did a great job of getting all of our last minute changes taken care of late Friday night so that they were ready to pick up first thing early Saturday morning. One of the groomsmen required a shirt size that was not available at the Mr. Formal Portland warehouse, so Robert tracked one down and drove it out to the wedding venue in Dundee on his own time late Saturday night.

The store was not open on Labor Day and therefore everyone's suits were due back by Tuesday. I hung up my suit bag in the closet when I got home on Monday and then unfortunately forgot about it until getting home from work on Tuesday. My local store (SE Portland) had just closed so I called the Tualatin store and was delighted to have Robert answer the phone. I explained how I was leaving town early the next morning (before any stores were open) and would not be able to bring the suit back until the following Monday. By then, I would have accrued roughly $150 in late fees. He then insisted on driving out to SE Portland after closing the Tualatin store to personally pick up my suit so that I would not be charged any late fees. I felt bad that he was going so far out of his way to help me, but I reluctantly accepted his generous offer and had a healthy tip prepared for him. It was almost 10:00 pm when he arrived at my apartment. He happily took my suit and did not accept my tip.


- Michael P.

Mr. Formal is truly unparalleled in quality, style and price. It made a big difference on my wedding day."


I needed a tux for a theater production. Mr. Formal was incredibly helpful and quick! I was able to get fitted on a Thursday, tried on the tux Friday, and had a little alteration done and picked up the tux on Saturday! I was amazed at that time frame and absolutely thankful!

- Adam F. 
  Mr. Formal Beaverton

I had a wonderful experience at Mr. Formal this week. I made a very last-minute request for a tuxedo on a very short deadline. Michelle the store manager said she thought she might be able to order something by Saturday. I got the call the next day that the suit was ready 4 days early! Michelle was good-humored, friendly, and incredibly helpful through the entire purpose. I would highly recommend Mr. Formal Portland to anyone!

- Paul M. 
Mr. Formal Portland

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 "I had a great experience with Mr. Formal. Great quality and customer service."



Amazing experience at my formal. They made our wedding preparations so much easier. I hope corporate reads these because I wanted to point somthing out. I have read thousands of reviews over the years on different businesses but have never bothered to write one until now. Brittney the manager is not only professional when it comes to helping but she is an all around one of the best human beings on the planet. So one of our groomsmen was irresponsible and didn't pick up his tux on saterday when the event was on sunday at one pm. Mr formal opens at noon on sunday and it would be too late for anything at that point. So Brittany gets notified by thier Facebook page operator of this emergency and she leaves her dinner date with her husband around 9pm to come open the doors so we could pick up the groomsmens tux. I have never heard of such customer service existing. She single handedly saved our wedding and prevented tears on my wife's face. And for that I will be forever greatful. Not only am I a customer for life but both sides of the family are as well.


 "Mr. Formal makes tuxedo rental a streamlined, sensibly priced and stylish experience."


Mr. Formal has been very generous and helpful in supplying a tuxedo to a couple of our high school students who are homeless and have no one to help them.  The manager at the Gresham Mr. Formal was very kind and helpful to our students and we are very grateful for her assistance.  I would encourage anyone to shop there. The service is great and the generosity for someone in need is admirable.  Thank you!
High School Counselor

 "I selected my tuxedos with the help of Mr. Formal. You guys are great!"

- LEE G.


My husband and his 4 GM rented their tux's here, the staff was really helpful and great to work with. They have really nice suits and overall our experience was wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good priced tux!