Guys Like Presents Too: Groom shower ideas

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Guys Like Presents Too: Groom shower ideas

The tradition of bridal showers goes all the way back to 16th Century Holland as an alternative to the dowry system (and in our opinion, we definitely prefer the bridal shower). It’s a time for a bride to celebrate with all the special women in her life- including moms, grandmas, aunts, friends, and kids. Traditionally, it’s strictly females only (although in modern times with gender lines blurring and losing importance, these standards are becoming less rigid). However, since many grooms still have never attended a bridal shower, here’s a quick rundown of what happens: There’s usually champagne or cocktails, some fun party games (a crowd favorite is making wedding dresses out of toilet paper) and gifts for the bride, often from her wedding registry. The guests may write down marriage advice or recipes for the bride to guide her in her new life.

Throw a cookout

If you invited your dad, uncles, brothers, and best buds, there’s sure to be at least one grillmaster in the bunch. And if ever there was a time to splurge on some top-quality meat and veggies, your groom shower is definitely it. Throw in some yard games like cornhole, touch football, or bocci ball, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic party.



You’re about to start your new life with your spouse. If you’re a person who likes a stocked liquor cabinet, your groom shower is the perfect time to request your favorite top-shelf brands.

Poker night

It’s all in good fun. Go ahead and order or make some hot wings, nachos, and other delicious finger foods. Deal the cards, and see if that soon-to-be-married luck is on your side.

Party games

You’re about to be a married man, so spend a little time feeling like a kid! Try pin-the-tie-on-the-groom or steal some popular bridal shower ideas, like trivia about the couple, or make a suit and tie out of toilet paper. Play “vow mad libs” or have your guests unscramble words relating to the wedding or you and your spouse-to-be.

Video game tournament

Break out that old school Mario Kart and may the best man (or preferably, the groom) win!

Gifts of wisdom

Have your guests fill out cards with advice about marriage, advice about life, or just well-wishes. They can be signed or anonymous, and you or one of your crafty friends could fashion them into a keepsake book to turn to whenever you’re in need of guidance from the people you most look up to. As a bonus, if you have kids at your party, hearing what they come up with as ‘marriage advice’ is usually hilarious.

Your groom shower is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your upcoming marriage with the guys in your life who mean the most. It’s a time for family and friends to wish you well before you start your new chapter, so have a blast and enjoy!

By Liz Preston, 5/26/20


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Prom has become a right of passage for high-schoolers. One night that is planned meticulously, anticipated for months, and remembered for a lifetime.

Part of that planning includes a theme for prom. A detail that dictates the entire night but is overlooked by many of the attendees. Many people remember their prom vividly, but how many remember the theme?


We have gathered the top 5 most unique themes you and your classmates are sure to remember for years to come!


In the age of comic books turned blockbuster movies, it would be a crime to not at least consider a Super Hero Prom. The decor would include a city skyline backdrop, cardboard foes for your super heros to fight, and don't forget the visual "sound" effects.

  As an added bonus, this theme has some awesome photo opportunities. 



Our next unique prom theme is bring together two elements that are even more at odds than superheros and villains. Fire and Ice.

This visually stunning theme is sure to impress. Not to mention the wardrobe possibilities! A firey red or ice blue tux or that red hot dress you have had your eye on for months! You could be the school that had the hot new prom theme "before it was cool"


Next up, many a prom goer has been asked to "Catch a Falling Star" at their prom, but how many have been asked to "Catch a Dream"


This theme has it all, bright colors, sparkle, and an extremely catchy phrase. Not to mention this new spin on a classic has the potential to be a trend setter. Break out of the mold and offer your classmates a night they won't easily forget.


This next theme is out of this world. (We had to!) This Galaxy theme is riding the Star Wars wave, even including a "Galaxy Rebellion" package.


 This theme will force you to make the ultimate choice, a light tux or a dark tux? Choose wisely, and may the style be with you.


Last, but certainly not least, is our fairytale prom theme. However, since we are talking about unique themes, this is not your typical fairytale. It involves a punctual rabbit, a smiling cat, and painting roses.



This theme can be featured with a psychadellic twist or a classic Queen of Hearts Garden Party.



Whichever path you decide to follow, you are guaranteed to have a Very, Merry Un-Prom Night!

And remember, don't be late for this very important date!